Anne Vincent

Anne Vincent

Anne Vincent’s handmade textiles are the outgrowth of a lifelong love of creating with fiber. Merino wool and silk are the primary materials used. Other wools, alpaca, silk, linen, cotton, ribbons, yarns, beads, sequins, and other embellishments combine in unique works of wearable art and home décor.

Each piece is a tactile exploration of the natural characteristics of the materials. Felting, dyeing, marbling, clamping, wrapping, and sewing are a few of the techniques employed. The results vary from comfortably casual to fabulously formal.

Inspiration comes from a wide range of sources and experiences. Travel, nature,
literature, gardens, hiking, space, museums, and exhibitions all provide interesting
possibilities for new work.

Anne is an art major and has worked as an interior designer. She lives and works
in Atlanta, Georgia.